I have a little story that I would like to share with you.
There was a man that lived next to a river and one day it started to rain and the man heard on the radio that all those that where down by the river should move to higher ground as the river was on the rise. The man said that he would be ok the lord would be with him. The river came up all around the man’s house and two men in a row boat came by and offered the man to get in the boat and go to higher ground. The man said no thanks the lord will help me. Well now river keep coming up and the man had to get up on the roof so he would not be sweep away by the river and a crew in a chopper came by and was going to take him to higher ground. The man would not take the rope and said the lord will take care of me. The river came up over the roof and the man was lost in the river and as he stood in front of the lord he ask why he did not save him and the lord ask what more could I do for you got the radio massage that I sent you, two men in a row boat and a crew in a chopper so why are you here and not enjoy yourself on higher ground were I was telling you to go.

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