Now before you can answer the 1st question you will need get out your
Bible and answer questions 2 – 4 and know how GOD has told us how
To love Him and His Son (the word of GOD)

1) Do you Love GOD?

2) How do you love GOD?

3) Have you ever put any other god before GOD?
[here is a little help with this one have you ever said But Paul said over
the Son (the word of GOD)]

4) How are you saved?

I will answer the 1st question but may I also say there is no yes or no answer.
If we say just yes we have judged self. This would judge self as a lie as we have
All sinned. So I love GOD to the best that I can as I do sin from time to time and
Thank YHVH for his Grace and His son Yeshua that has Paid the Price for my sins.

Now May I go over my answer?

I said that if I say yes I have judged myself and if I judge others then this would be in sin and if I sin then I can not say (Yes I Love GOD) as would be a Lie. Do to the judging of others then in the judging of others this is the judgment I shall be jugged by.

Now dose this mean that we are not to judge not at all as we are to judge all things and hold on to that that is good. This is to say that we are not to judge


but are to judge all


. So we are to Judge the


of others and prove it by THE WORD OF GOD and if it is of the word of GOD then hold on to it. If it is not of the word of GOD then we are to help others to see the word of GOD or so he can show you how your judgment of is not right with the word of GOD. let us help each other to Prove all things so that we may all be in the Grace and Blessings of YHVH and justified in his Son Yeshua (Jesus).

Now if I have said anything that is not of the word of GOD then Prove it by the Bible and not the word of man and leave your comment.