The Circles of Time

Is time ending?

If you look at time as a line then it has a beginning and an end.


But time dose not go in a line it goes around and around.

Let us look at it as a Circle that has no beginning or end only points on it. Let us divide are Circle in to 4 parts now we have 4 points in time. Spring the start a time of planting the seeds, Summer the time to grow the seeds, Fall a time of brining in the harvest, Winter a time of Rest and enjoying the good seeds, Spring New Beginning of planting the seeds.

As you can see there is no end to time.

Now God spoke the creation in to Being so cut the Circle in to 2 halves and look at it as a sound wave.

Now we can make points into a Circle inside the 4 parts and have other Circles, Plants, animals all the way to the Life of Adam the 1st seed of man&woman or can put the Circles Inside bigger Circles. Blow is showing the Circles that have been created.

Now I have been looking at Plaint X that came past the Earth on 7/15/2011.

Now I was looking at what the star (Planet) was telling us as the stars are put in the havens by the Father to tell us the story of his creation and He started Turning on the Lights for me and below is what he was showing me.

Now we have the Circle of the Earth and it is inside the Circle of Plant X. Plant X by the star dating carts and the Mayan Calendar it comes around every 4000 Years and this would be in the days of Noah so put that with the time chart of the Bible below and above is the Circles.

Now let us cut the Circles in half on the center line and move the bottom so the End is in line with in the Beginning and look at what you have.

Circle 4

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