Do we want the Government to run are lives or Less Government and more Freedom? Well Look like we wanted one Government to take over are Freedom so we have it. It is the New World Order UN. Father I Pray that you hear and see the things that we have done to your WORD and Bring US back To your Truth with One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justest FOR ALL. Let YOUR KINGDOM come with the one true King of kings, Lord of lords in the Name of you Son Yeshua (Jesus) Amen

The Amrican Government was Built on the Word of GOD Look at what Man has done with that in 200 Years!!! then think about what Man Kind has done to the Word of GOD in 2000 or even 4000 Years?? O 4000 would be back in the Days of Noah there was only 8 then how meany Have Study there Bible from the Beginning and are walking True to the Word of GOD with the Right Hand of GOD to help them through the door to Life Ever lasting. If you will Note I did not say READ as we can read something and have no idle what it said but if you STUDY something you may have a little better idle and doing what The Bible Words of GOD said it is the best way. Ask Yourself am I doing the Word? Need Help I can not help you Turn Back to The Right Hand of GOD and with all your Hart he well help you to his door. Amen


OK Let Us look at this in a different Light The sells men is the Devil and John Q is the Word Of GOD the wonder DRUG is the Devils Rule over the People.