The Circle of letter



In the Hebrew there is no Beginning or End only points on the Circle are a starting point is the Aleph א and is the Leader / strength / Ox the second is point is the Bet ב and is the House / “in” there are 22 points or Letters on the Hebrew circle and each point  has its own meaning all the way to the last point which is the Tav ת and is the mark /  sign / covenant each of the points with there meaning will tell you were you are in the circle. You start with the Leader that is the strength of the House and when you make it around the circle you have made it to the mark that is the sign of the covenant that brings you back to the Leader. So you can see there is no end only a place to start with and a place to work for to get back to a new and better place to start again.


Each Letter has meanings in side them like the Aleph א it is a silent Letter that dose have a sound but it has the power to carry the viols that tell us what to say for it. It is also made up of three Letters the Vav that is the 6th letter and two Yods that is the 10th letter you can see them on the Photo above the Vav is the Nail / peg / add /”and” the Yod is the arm and hand / work / deed so in looking at the Aleph א we can see the hand of GOD reaching down and hand of man reaching up to GOD with the Vav Nailing the two hands together making it one Letter with meaning. Now each letter has a number and Stands for a number the  Aleph א is One and stands for one and has a value of 111 and when you add the value of the Hebrew word Aleph it is 216 we also see here that each word has a Value. So with this we can also see why we are not to add to or take away from his words. So if you put the Bible in to other Translations or version other then Hebrew then we have done just that to show this here is the first line.

Gen 1:1   בראשׁיתIn the beginning  בראcreated  אלהים  God את   the heavenהשׁמים   and.ואת the earthהארץ׃

Here we see that in the 1st word we have added 2 words to B’reisheet and the forth word has been taken away so we do not have the same Value and you do not see some things in other Translations. Let me show you the starting line of the first five books of Moses and the last line then we put the first and the last together and see what we have.

Deu 34:12   ולכלAnd in all  הידhand,  החזקהthat mighty  ולכלand in all  המוראterror  הגדולthe great  אשׁרwhich  עשׂהshowed  משׁהMoses  לעיניin the sight  כלof all  ישׂראל׃Israel.

The first letter is Bet and the last is Lamed and when you put the first with the last you have Lev לב that is Heart in Hebrew. This is something that is only seen in the Hebrew and can be Taken as the first five books of Moses is the Heart of the Bible or is the Heart of GODs word. I for one do not want to take the Heart out of GODs word or the Bible but want to cut away at my Heart of stone and let GODs word give me a new one of Love and kindness.

With each letter having a Value then the words that are made up of letters have a Value and with the letters of the word having a meaning that we can find other words and meaning in the words take for example the Generations form Adam to Noah all the names have meaning in the Hebrew and tell the story.

Micro Masage a

There is a lot more that can only be seen when you get in to the Hebrew El Shaddai Ministries dose a good job of telling us about the Hebrew Aleph-bet

May this give you a start in not just reading the bible but study out The Hebrew hidden Treasures

It is for GOD to hide a thing but for the glory of Kings to seek them out.

May you be Blessed with Trasures.



Here are some more Hebrew letter charts below

  H Alphabet a

Hebrew Alphabet a