I was born 1952 at Allen Memorial in Iowa. During this time it was common for the heath of the new born Boys to have the Foreskin removed and this was done on the 8th day for me. I was also the thread Born and after an Ant came back to work at Allen after her Days off she came to see the new Member of her family I was turned Blue from RH Factor and as I am told she seen this just in time as they had me as the 2nd born in my records so they was not looking for the RH Factor. I am the 2nd Male born my brother was taken on his 3rd day of life and my sister was born 3 years after and I was 3 years after her. I was Christen Duane Lester Fox at my Ants attending Lutheran Church as Mom ((Pauline Fox (Hoppes)) was Lutheran but was not a member of any Church. In later years I was nick name Bud by my Dad (Lester S. Fox) although did not attend Church was of the Presbyterian Church. Though not attending church that much in my younger years. I was told of God and attended Church with Ants and Uncles to become a believer in the LORD but was never schooled in his word.

In my 20’s I got marred to my 1st wife (Deb Ishman) and she was of the Methodist Church and wanted to be married in the Methodist Church in Oelwein. For us to do this we needed to be a member of the Church so we attended classes together and I joined the Methodist Church. After one Daughter (Deann K. Fox), 18 years and The changes in both are lives we devoiced.

Then after some time and other women friends I was living with a woman and she decided that she needed to get back to going to church in 2009. After she was getting Friends on her web site like Facebook. She was in the Pentecostal church with her X but had changed back to Presbyterian Church after her devoice. So we started going to the Presbyterian Church in Littleton a small township this was good but she wanted more Fellowship so we went looking for a Presbyterian Church with fellowship That she liked and we found the Barclay Presbyterian Church. After a wall she moved out and went back Close to her Daughter and after she was moving out I found an old girl friend from the days just out of high school and She has a friend that was taking here to her Waterloo Worship Center in Waterloo so I started going with her to her Friends Church. We were getting along good together and I moved in with her. As not liking to be alone with and my dogs. Also at this time was wanting to Know more about the word of God and trying to build a internet marketing Business I started looking online to find more about the word of God and in Feb of 2010 God showed me on iTunes The Daily Audio Bible so I started reading the Bible along with The Daily Audio Bible so I was hearing as well as reading the word of the lord And started to take Jesus in to my heart. After a stroke, around the 1st of Sept. I gave my life to My Lord and Savior at Allen Memorial in Waterloo, Iowa. I was laying in my room could not move my Left side and felt alone as my Friend did not have the money for gas. My only Family left had not seen me in over 2 years. and things just was not going well in my Life so I raised up my hand to the Lord and ask him to just put an end to it all and come take me Home! Well He did but not by my way but by HIS WAY and I fell a sleep in Peace Knowing he was in the room with me.

After this I went back with my friend and to reading the Bible that now was all new now. So I felt that I needed to start over and the FATHER showed me a new Bible reader called Youversion and I started over reading the Bible about the last week in September and read the hole Bible by December 23. I was also shown that I needed to move back to my home in Littleton after doing this. At this time my car was not working and I still had fillings for my Friend but the FATHER put it in are harts and I moved back home as Friends with my friend to this day. I now had no car and the closes store was 5 miles away. So on Sunday I walked the 4 blocks to the Presbyterian Church in Littleton and there was a retired mechanic there and he gave me the number of a friend of his that worked on cars and told me to call him he WOULD help me out with my car. So I called him on Monday and he came over and we got the parts needed to get my car running.

The next Sunday I was going to go back over to Barclay Presbyterian Church but as I was going there I missed a corner and was going to turn around when the FATHER told me to keep going 3 times and then I had a vision as to where I was to go and I ended up at Jesup Bible Fellowship and was there for about a year. In this time I was seeing and being shown things from the FATHER Things that YHVH was showing me. He started with leading me to Kent Hovind and Ken Ham showing me about the science of creation then we was looking at the things about the end of the age 2012 and with that I was shown the Feasts of the Lords as I studded them then things in the Bible came in to The Light and then other things did not line up with the things that was being told to me at JBF and I was shown Identity Crisis on YouTube then the YHVH told me that I needed to Leave and find a new Place to call Home.

So with what over the past year of the things that the FATHER had showed me and my studying of the word put in my hart I knew that Yeshua was of the one true children of YHVH so I started looking for a Jewish synagogue. I had been looking for a wall and the FATHER showed me a Video on YouTube Why Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus pt. 1 by Daniel Botkin and I got in touch with him and he told me about a congregation near by and he would get a hold of them and have them get with me. I had also found the Jewish synagogue in Waterloo and called them and was going to go there on the next Saturday and on Thursday of that week Lee of Your Living Waters called and invited me to join them on Saturday and I know that this is where the FATHER was telling me to go and grow in HIS WORD.

I am still Growing each day in the LOVE of his WORDS to me and his LOVE. And YHVH each day that he has sent his Son Yeshua so that I may have a life of ever lasting Peace with them. In the name of the Son Amen

After going there it was put it in my hart to meet Daniel Botkins and go to the Lords Fest he also give me the means to go so we went to Sukkot Iowa in September. I can see that when the Lord has something for you if you have the eyes to see and the hart to hear he will move you where he wants you to go. At this time he has moved me with a new congregation that is starting up.

Hope to see you all soon.